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Customer feedback continues to be really positive and is always much appreciated.  It’s probably the best part of the whole process when I get to deliver and chat to our valued local customers.  Here are some of their comments…
“We had two Roe steaks last week that the boy and I swear we’re the tastiest piece of meat we’ve ever eaten!” – Patrick
“beautifully tender and flavoursome venison steaks…the sausages are big on flavour too – love the Firecrackers!” – Steve
“The venison sausages are to die for. I have found my favourite sausages in the world!” – Chris
“the family had not eaten venison before, they loved it and clean plates all round!” – Liz
“the fallow steaks were awesome” – Chris
“the venison haunch last night was delicious, really tender, thank you” – Wendy
“Pheasant breasts from Test Valley Venison with drambuie, mushroom and tarragon. Succulent pheasant breasts, paired with this sauce made for a special meal” – Wendy
“I had been vegetarian for 15 years and decided that I wanted to start eating meat again. Venison has been the perfect transition due to it being so environmentally friendly and ethical. Test Valley Venison is my preferred local supplier and I fully recommend both his company and products” – Becky
“Loin of venison with a game and chocolate sauce”, a Nick Nairn recipe, was absolutely delicious, it was so tender with a flavour that was delicate and enhanced with a sauce full of flavour. The game sauce was made with trimmings and saddle bones, also from you.” – Wendy