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We love to showcase cooking and eating venison, so here are some recipes and serving suggestions plus include testimonials from our valued local customers.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and please share with us your venison experiences.  Click on the images below to reveal more details on each item…

Our fallow venison sausages that were braised in red wine, onions, tomatoes and a selection of herbs.  Recipe from Delia Smith cookery book.
Our Venison burgers have very little fat content.  We like to cook them for a couple of minutes per side in a covered frying pan with rapeseed or extra virgin olive oil, then let them rest wrapped in tin foil for a few minutes.  This prevents overcooking and retains the juicy flavour.  Here we have a juniper burger on the left with a chilli burger on the right, both served with a slice of mature cheddar melted on top, with fresh tomatoes in warm freshly made burger rolls.
Fallow shank served with winter vegetables, swede and mash potato.
A venison wellington made from prime 700 grams of fully trimmed local wild fallow loin.  Loin was covered in herbs, onions and mushrooms before being rolled in pastry prior to cooking.  Venison was cooked and rested prior to serving. Yum!
A whole fallow shank that is ready for browning off in a frying pan prior to 4-5 hours of slow cooking.  I use onions, tomatoes, chicken stock and a bottle of vintage cider.
Fallow shank to be slowed cooked with Black Sheep Ale, onions and beef stock.
Hunters Feast venison sausages in a Hungarian goulash, with fresh peppers, sage, onions and sliced potatoes.
A brace of pheasants, lightly cooked in the pan on each thigh and then oven cooked to finish as per the method on the Scott Rea Project YouTube channel. Thanks Scott!
Our Firecracker venison sausages, which are local wild vension, pork shoulder, three types of chilli and star anise. Oven cooked and served on a bed of winter vegetables, onions and peppers.